What Is Safe Piping?

Pipes help ensure the healthy, safe operation of nearly every building type: homes, schools, workplaces, industrial facilities, and other structures. Designed and installed correctly, they can perform reliably for decades. But when materials and systems fail, the impacts can be devastating -- contaminated water, sewage leaks, exposure to toxic chemicals -- and fixing problems can take years. Our mission: Share the best information on safe, resilient, and sustainable piping systems that not only improve building performance, but also the health of the people inside.

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Health Risks Associated with Piping Materials

Plastic piping is a cheap option for drinking water systems. Ongoing research into the chemicals that leach into drinking water from PEX, HDPE, MDPE, and PVC pipes raises questions about long-term safety. Chemicals used as flame-retardants, softeners, and coatings all diffuse into water, especially at elevated temperatures. This video gives a simplified illustration of the processes at work – our look at new leaching research provides more details on areas of specific concern.