This webinar reveals critical factors that architects, engineers, and contractors must evaluate when considering value engineering of plumbing systems. It uses research, industry data, and case examples to explain the factors design and construction teams should use to select pipe materials that will perform safely and reliably.

Value engineering represents an important issue that is under-considered for critical water, waste, and fire-protection systems. This session explains exactly why owners find that many value-engineered plumbing systems deliver ‘no engineering and very little value’ over the long term.

Issues Covered

  • Safety & health: How well does a given plumbing system maintain the integrity of protective measures in buildings? Does it protect occupants from exposure to substances with negative health impacts?
  • Durability & resilience: What factors affect how long the system will perform to required standards? What factors can put a plumbing system at risk of failure?
  • Sustainability: How great an impact does making, operating, and removing a plumbing system have on the environment?
  • Liability: What are insurers finding with regard
    to losses related to building plumbing?