Risks to East Palestine Piping from Vinyl Chloride Spill

In February 2023, over 1 million pounds of carcinogenic vinyl chloride fouled the air, soil, & water of East Palestine OH. Contamination remains a serious concern despite declarations of safety. Safe Piping Matters calls for officials to recommend that families take measures to protect themselves… more

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Red Hill Update: Questions Remain

Recent contamination of water systems by jet fuel leaking from the Navy’s Red Hill fuel storage facility in Hawaii illustrates again the importance of safe drinking water and of the piping that delivers it.

Many questions remain about this incident, including one that has been largely ignored to date: How will the Navy and local officials repair or replace pipes impacted by chemicals released into the system… more

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Denver Acts on Health Concerns over Lead Service Lines, Begins Replacement Process Using Safe, Sustainable Materials

The lead and copper rule was implemented in 1991 in response to the nearly 10 million lead water lines that existed in the US. Today, an estimated 6.1 million lead lines are still in service and are in dire need of replacement; as their existence poses the potential for lead contaminated water crises to the likes of … more

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How to Pick the Safest Pipes for your Building

When choosing a piping material for a construction or renovation projects, builders should assess available information on the safety hazards that each presents. Installing materials that leach chemicals into water, create fire hazards, and threaten the environment put building occupants in real danger of both short- and long-term health risks. … more

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