The Issues and Impacts Associated with China’s Plastic Ban

The U.S., and other Western countries, as a result has lost the ability to depend on China has lost the ability to depend on China in terms of waste management – thus sending the global recycling industry into chaos. Visual Capitalist notes that while outsourcing waste to China was never a sustainable solution, the U.S. has now unexpectedly taken on the environmental and economic burdens that come with it… more


How Much Plastic You Consume & What It Means For Your Health

Warning: Content May Be Disturbing to Some Audiences The global microplastics crisis has continued to expand and worsen as millions of tiny plastic particles invade even some of the most remote areas on earth. According to a study in Environmental Science and Technology, Americans who meet the suggested water intake made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, consume 4,000 … more


Humans Consume 39,000-52,000 Microplastics a Year

Humans Consume 39,000-52,000 Microplastics a Year Health Effects May Include Reproductive and Digestive Issues The rising concern around microplastics’ effect on water quality and human health has accelerated after a new study estimated humans consume 39,000 – 52,000 microplastics a year. According to the study, individuals that consume the recommended amount of tap water could … more

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